Launching a Marketing Campaign? Just Do It

NikeSwooshRedNike established itself as a marketing Goliath with their branding trademarks.  The Nike “swoosh” is as iconic as McDonald’s arches, and their slogan “Just Do It” is both a marketing milestone and mantra.  As small business owners and leaders of small non-profits, we spend a lot of time planning marketing concepts that are never initiated.  Often this happens, or doesn’t happen, because business, well, gets in the way.  With no designated marketing person to delegate to, even the brightest of ideas and strategies are often put on the back burner while we spend our limited time and resources paying bills, invoicing, collecting, and attempting to drum up whatever new business we can while attending to the business at hand.

To “Just Do It”  looks great on a hat but there are many different hats to wear every day.  So, how can we arm ourselves with the arsenal of marketing weaponry that we know we should be using while still practicing the survival skills that we have to keep our organization alive?

Use a lifeline.

You can’t do it yourself, and you can’t afford a full-time staff member to do it for you.  You can, however, afford more than you thought.  One lesson learned by employers from the recession was that, under duress, you can do more with less.  The luxury of having a marketing department was lost by a lot of businesses, and marketing specialists were forced to leave their comfort zones and stretch themselves to make up the slack. This meant that graphic designers had to learn the basics of video production, video producers had to learn more about web integration, and advertising consultants had to learn techno-speak.  Today’s marketing professional lives by the creed of “have laptop, will travel”.

Expertise in a given area is always a plus, but competency in several is a necessity.
The technological and philosophical components that make up a sound marketing strategy stem from the ability to learn, adapt, and share.  This means learning and staying current on the evolving trends that drive today’s marketing machinery, adapting your company’s strategy to reflect these trends, and sharing this knowledge with employees and customers so that the veil of fear that can accompany rapid change is lifted.  This philosophy also means being willing to make mistakes.  The price of inaction is higher than the price of temporarily misdirected action.  As long as you are in a perpetual state of learning and adapting, mistakes are corrected quickly and strategy will advance. As long as knowledge is shared, the spirit of collaboration is nurtured and the likelihood of success is increased.Newton’s First Law (also known as the Law of Inertia) states that “an object at rest tends to stay at rest and that an object in uniform motion tends to stay in uniform motion…”
If your business is at rest, jump start it with a marketing campaign that takes advantage of all the latest trends in technology and social media.  This is where the “uniform” comes into play.  Print, web, video, and social media must be used uniformly, as cogs of the same marketing wheel.  If these seems daunting, it is.  Use a lifeline.  Retain a media management specialist to put and keep your marketing wheel in motion.

Just do it.