A general video is usually 2-5 minutes long and provides an overview of your organization that are easily re-worked into shorter videos for highlighting a particular department or program.

Video blogs address topical subjects and provide fresh web content and maximum search engine optimization.  All videos are added to a video channel on, created specifically for your organization.


You may opt to just use our video production or still photography services. WMM will have a professional videographer or photographer available with 48 hour notice to record any event, or to shoot photographs for use in your print and web media.

Even though we live in a web-based world, a general brochure is a necessary ingredient in the marketing mix, used in sales packages, trade shows, and networking events.

A quarterly print newsletter is an opportunity for recognitions and acknowledgements, while summarizing important events and stories.

E-Newsletters are a way to keep your stakeholders informed of current events, provide links to videos and related topics, and direct them to the updated information on your website.

An Annual Report focuses on the financial reports of each department, chronicles success, and addresses needs.  It is also another opportunity to publicly thank people for their generosity and support.

Press releases ensure that all local media outlets are aware of your fundraisers, productions, and other news that increases visibility in the community.